by PokerAnon ~ April 30th, 2010. Filed under: $100nl FR.

So I have managed to keep myself playing at $100nl, and maybe a good thing has happened? I successfully took my winnings down to $1. At some point I would have been negative but during the session I got to 3bet KK small from the SB against two bad short casual players who both called. I tried to get them in on a low flop, one co-operated and the other folded. Since I ended up +$1 for this project at the end of the session I must have been down some $40 or so prior to that hand.

971 hands or something like that and I’m now up 1 big blind. The good thing about this is that I’ve now experienced some upswing, some downswing and brought myself to the point where I started, plus some FPPs, and more importantly, some experience.

Now I have no win rate, so I don’t have to worry about it dropping. And the nice thing about still being +1 BB is that my starting stake is fully intact. Right now I’m seeing this as a good thing all around; a really fresh re-start. I’m beginning to feel that I want this to work, to prove to myself that I’m already fully capable of being a winning $100nl FR player.

I had the second part of my coaching session (more on that in the main blog when I finished mentally processing some of the stuff) and he said he encourages taking stabs, but, not cutting down to just one table. Maybe cutting back a bit, plus keeping to a two buyin stop loss but still playing like 4 tables. From his perspective part of his reasoning for this is that he himself finds himself prone to make mistakes simply from being bored if he tries to play just one table. At $100nl this isn’t really an issue for me, and though I might try two things, 1) buying in full and 2) playing 2 tables, I don’t feel a need to have more than that right now. I’m a forced multi-tabler. I play multiple tables primarily because I feel that I should, the primary reason is not boredom/hourly rate/variance/experience alone, but rather all these things together generating the should. The newness of the level plus some experience still single tabling MTTs/SnGs on occasion gives me enough to keep me from spewing so far. Those, plus the fact that these players are generally better than the ones at $25nl so that just watching the play is more interesting for me keeps me out of boredom trouble. Well, plus the fact that I’ve skipped a level to get here.


And I asked my question about the value of me as a casual player trying to win against the multitude of grinders and his response is that me 1) playing fewer tables and 2) them not being focused on trying to improve (an assumption, or does he have proof of this from students or other interactions?) gives me the opportunity to be successful there even as a casual player.

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