by PokerAnon ~ April 20th, 2010. Filed under: $100nl FR.

* Modified April 28th, 2010 *

Two short sessions of $100nl FR, 134 hands, 13.5/11.3, steal 44%, PfPA 9.25, Agg 9, Agg% 75%, netting 2.16 bb/100. The last number in particular is pretty meaningless given the number of hands, but I’m happy with the others. I definitely scaled back on some activity, not open-raising 44 from UTG+1 in one situation and folding some more marginal hands in the CO and HJ position. I 3 bet AKs from the blinds and got a snapfold, raised J8o from the SB against a tight player, bet the flop, folded to his turn bet. Next time he snap folded to my raise. On the second table did the same thing against a tight player to my right; called with A6o in the BB, called a dry/low flop, bet the turn when he didn’t bet, the I snap folded the next time he raised from the SB.

Did fold AJo from the CO to a 3 bet from the blinds. Was almost tempted to call because I had raised the previous 2 hands in a row meaning his range for 3 betting might be wider but I thought there’s no need to get too active.

It was fun. No heart attack from stress, yet. Actually it was quite relaxing, partly because

  • I was only playing at one table, and
  • I bought in with only 60 bbs which made it feel comfortable

When I look these players up on PTR there are a lot of players with around 700,000 hands in the past 6 months, and one with 1,700,000. Most of these players are barely winning or not at all, but must be pulling in a fair amount via FPPs and bonuses.

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