by PokerAnon ~ April 21st, 2010. Filed under: $100nl FR.

One longer session that crossed tables. The first table had a couple casual losing players but they left so I looked for another. 98 hands, 9.3/6.2, steal of only 12.5 but on the first table I had a loose fish and no hands, and on the other I had few steal opportunities. PfPR of 4, rather absurd 51 bb/100.

First hand below earlier the player on the button opened from early and I 3 bet AA and he folded. Early position is a bad casual player who has already lost his original $40 buyin and rebought.

It’s 3 way, I’m in mid position, but it’s an unbalanced 3 way because a bad short stack has checked, and the good player is behind. I’m betting the flop as if it’s only him and me rather than 3 way.

When the bad player calls, then bets the turn, I can’t put him on much other than a bluff, plus he’s now really short, so I just put him in.

I’ve been told that I overplay some hands by 3 betting good hands and chasing out value from possible steal attempts. So here I opt to flat AQ in the BB. I fail to get a little extra value by betting the river.

Here’s the guy again that I 3 bet before and then chased off the hand with the fish. He had been 3 bet in another hand, and so I hesitated to 3 bet here because of the table history.

I flop gold. I’m afraid of chasing him so I just call the flop in order to keep him in the hand. As it turned out against his given hand, I lost a lot of value by not being more aggressive preflop and on the flop. But if he’s got a medium pair or AQ I lose him preflop, and if I checkraise the flop and he has a pocket pair then I lose him there.

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