by PokerAnon ~ April 25th, 2010. Filed under: $100nl FR.

Not a great day. Down about $90 in total. My “run good” runned out, it seems.

This is an interesting hand because of my stack size. I considered 3 betting JJ from the blinds, squeezing in the process but two things stopped me. One is that squeezing kinda kills the value of a hand, and JJ has a lot of value. The other is that I’m still underplaying my hands at $100nl FR.

Aggression is a tough thing to handle and to control. Because I’m watching, observing as much as playing I’m playing pretty conservatively. On top of that, my stats review indicated that I’m being too aggressive with 3 betting from the blinds, chasing away value that I could have postflop. In hindsight, 3 betting is preferable to flatting.

On the flop I hope to check/raise, and when the bad shortstack shoves I decide to try to isolate. Here’s where the downfall of my undersized stack is. Because the shortstack has shoved I’m only giving the other player less than 2:1 odds I think, and so he calls.

Even if I flat, I’m not sure what he does. If he flats and I shove the turn, he probably still has to call because my stack size doesn’t threaten him enough.

A LAG casual player, opts to call with a gutshot on the flop, adding a flush draw on the turn. I don’t believe that he chased a runner-runner flush from the flop and pay him off on the river.

Next hand, not well played by me, but included here more to show how bad some of the play by others can be at $100nl.

Last hand, I trap myself into losing chips. The post-flop bets are so poor though that I get convinced to call down even though I’m pretty sure I’m losing.

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