$10nl 6 max, for a change of pace

by PokerAnon ~ January 9th, 2012. Filed under: $ 10nl 6 max.

Yesterday I was watching NFL and decided to play some poker. For a change of pace I decided to try some 6 max.

Post-Black Friday I cashed my Stars account down to $200. For the rest of 2011 I didn’t play much and the bankroll was somewhere just over $400, mostly due to some donking around on some $2.50 180-seat turbo tourneys. I just never felt much in the way of inspiration.

But maybe I’ve found some. The $10nl 6 max was weird. I felt like a fish out of water. First off, I haven’t played much 6 max at all, and the range has been $10nl to $50nl but very few hands in total. Still, my full ring game is really based on a 6 max starting hand selection with added tightness in the earliest 3 positions for full ring.

But I found the $10n 6 max to be unreadable to me. Maybe it’s just time away from poker in general but the betting and chasing didn’t make much sense. I tried to adjust but it was like trying to get your sea legs.

And I couldn’t remember how to play against players who can’t read board textures. And how to play players that call down with any pair on the flop or call preflop raises with any two suited cards. Or have no idea about pot control and assume that it means no hand. I’m just way out of practice.

So maybe I’ve found a new project. $10n 6 max, few tables, until I feel like I’ve figured out these players again.

Today I won more than I lost. Yesterday my confusion was over losing hands. Here’s a winning hand. I don’t understand what he’s doing. He’s repping a very narrow range with AK or sets, but I called down to see for sure.

And here’s one where I lost, but I had a bluff catcher and I wanted to see what he had. On one hand I don’t understand his betting given the board texture, but on the other hand maybe at this level one should be betting even given the board texture because people (other than me who’s partly doing this out of curiosity) will call down with worse.

I call this flop because I’m planning to try to take it away on the turn. I guess I could have raised the turn to try to take it away, but when I picked up the bluff catcher I chickened out. But, I’m really not sure that he folds even if I do raise the turn, simply because they don’t read board textures or won’t fold overpairs. I didn’t yesterday with KK on a Q high board, but then it was to a raise on a dry turn, and his AQ rivered a third Q after we were all in.

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