20,000 hands

by PokerAnon ~ February 8th, 2014. Filed under: $ 10nl 6 max, Zoom Poker.

Just over a month, and I’m still on my project, $10nl, 6max, Zoom.

20,000 hands



I’m now at a point of playing the full four instances, the max allowed at any one type/buyin level. I started off with one, went to three (don’t ask me why; I just had been comfortable with three before) and now play four, while listening to episodes of “House, MD”. I’ve seen all episodes at least twice, so I’m not missing much there.

I have one hot key for ‘fast fold’ and have my bet slider short cuts for 2.5 pot, 3 pot, pot preflop, and 60, 75, and pot postflop. Otherwise I just rely on my mouse.

Mostly I’m happy with my play. I’m tilting minimally and have few situations where I need time to think. The lack of information from Zoom is an issue that I’ll never get around, but I color code players and use stats on those that I have stats for, but I’m still never going to easily identify those who 3bet with any suited Ace or those who like to trap with AA/KK, or a multitude of other otherwise exploitable plays. That means there is value that I’m still missing but also hidden traps, and to play Zoom you have to manage both ends.

The penultimate evaluation is bb/100. 5.5 is okay, though if I were crushing it, it would , be a little higher. And the ultimate evaluation; stats and hand review in HEM, is an ongoing project.

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