Hand history review time

by PokerAnon ~ March 6th, 2012. Filed under: $ 10nl 6 max.

Time to get around to reviewing some hand histories.

I’ve grabbed hands since the last time I reviewed by editing HoldemManager’s filter and then clicking on bbs three times, which sorts the hands by the absolute value of big blinds either lost or won in the hand. In English, these are the biggest winning and losing hands from that period of time.

This misses the interesting hands where I folded preflop or on the flop or all my oppenents did so as well, but it’s a quick and dirty way of grabbing something to review.

First hand, I’m a 71-29 fav on the flop.

Next hand is against a 53/19, but there’s not a lot either of us can do. I flat the 3bet preflop 1) to keep the small blind in, and 2) because the big blind is fairly aggressive and I’ll have position I want to keep any random squeezing hands that he might have from folding.

I should look at his 3bet stats, but I don’t have HoldemManager on this computer. He may also have had high 3bet stats which makes his range wider as well, otherwise I’m not sure flatting preflop is the best choice here given that an Ace or King might flop and then I might have to call flop/fold turn, but 3 way in a 3 bet pot I don’t know if I have room to fold the turn.

Short stack that shoves is 69/46 over 14 hands. I don’t know if UTG limper knows this. If he does, then well played by him.

This next one frustrated the heck out of me at the time. Player 3 is a 51/0 with 1.4/34% aggression. In the blind with 66 with two limpy calling stations I don’t see value in raising preflop because most flops I’ll be OOP against two players who won’t fold. Flop is drawy but I don’t know how much I can bet. Turn adds another draw but gives me a boat so I don’t have to worry about flush draws. River fills a straight and when the calling station raises I expect a straight or J9 or something so I shove, losing to a bigger boat that outdrew me.

It’s frustrating when you have a bad player just where you want them, only to have them outdraw you on the river.

Last hand I had 66 in the blinds against two players who don’t fold. This one I have 55 but not in the blinds, and I open raise all pocket pairs and flop nicely, though I’m losing to 66 or 78 I’m not folding and I want to get the money in now in case he has 67/57 or two pair.

He wants to play some kind of min-raising game on the flop so I co-operate. My likely hand, if I like it on the flop, is an overpair; 99/TT or bigger, so his desire to get it in on the flop with a vulnerable two pair is reasonable.

Next hand is very situation dependent. Opponent is 27/11 with a 5.3/50% aggression, but I think the preflop stats were higher when this hand took place and he had high 3bet stats. I flat with a hand that I’m not going to get married to with only an Ace or a Ten. I’m looking for two pair or something with a flush draw or combo, or, a chance to outplay him with position if he has AK/AQ or something and no big cards come.

I flop what I consider to be a bluff-catcher that’s not vulnerable to an Ace coming later so that changes my plans slightly. He bets small so I call. The turn is a brick for his likely holding and only slightly more likely useful for me. Again, he’s aggressive and I have a bluff catcher so I call.

By the river I’m pretty sure that I’m beat, but I want to see what he has.

Next hand is against a 25/21/2.8/44%. Flop is dry, on the turn I pick up a bluff catcher and am still ahead of AJ/AT or other Ax that a 25/21 might raise. He probably doesn’t bet most Ax on the river, but he’s agressive and this is only 10nl so I call.

There is the option to 3bet AQ on the button preflop, but in position I usually prefer to just play my position. I might end up losing the same if he calls the 3bet, I bet the flop, check turn, call his river bet, and if he 4 bets I can fold preflop.

Next hand, against a 42/19/2.2/58%. I like raising suited middle connectors or one gappers, just like small or medium pocket pairs. They play much differently than pair though, often giving bluff catcher hands with middle pair or draws rather than monsters. Player 1 weirdly shoves the turn, I guess he’s thinking he’s got all kinds of draws, but he’s going to fold out everything except strong made hands like two pair,sets, or better.

Next hand is strange. UTG is a weak player. The one I’d like to get in a pot with the the weak big stack who is unfortunately to my left so I just call 88 behind the UTG limp.

The toughest part of post flop situations like this is trying to figure out how to get maxiumum value from the types of players that you’re up against. On the turn I dearly hope one of them has a King but for some reason both lf them call. On the river the big stack folds (what the heck did he call two streets with? A straight draw? An 8 or 7?) but the UTG limper calls, with QQ? This is a strange post-flop series that I see once in a while at this level, where a player has a big pair but doesn’t raise, and then calls down when there is one or two bigger cards on the table. Calling down is better if I raised and he called preflop because 1) there are fewer players meaning less chance of a King and 2) because I raised preflop then I could be betting AQ/AJ/JJ/TT on the flop, especially if I’m OOP (IP it’s WA/WB), I guess. But in a limped pot against a non-spazzy opponent and you hold QQ you have to give up and just agree that you screwed up preflop by not raising.

Against these players the flop raise and the turn bet should have both been a little bigger. And on the river, if I assume one of them has a weak King, the bet should have been closer to pot sized. Instead, I think because they both just called the flop and turn I somehow became afraid that neither had a King and just some kind of 7.

Last hand. Player 2 is looking like a nitty-tag; 14/14/1/50% over 22 hands. It’s a little awkward; too many short stacks at the table. JJ is too strong and too vulnerable to flat behind a short stack so I should be 3 betting to $1.20-1.40, or 3-3.5X because I have position but to also leave him room to shove Ax.

The turn raise is on the small side but it’s designed to keep flush/straight draws and overpairs smaller than mine in the hand.

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  1. PokerAnon

    In summary, no awful stack offs from tilt or brain death. Some questionable call downs but there’s always some sort of reason. And a lot of missed value where the bet sizing was too small when I had value but was afraid to lose my opponents.

    Choked preflop aggression got me in trouble with the AQ on the button against AK, though AQ in position should be okay but the board ran out badly, and 88 where I flopped a set, though the QQ UTG might then 3 bet and I’d have to fold, or the 66 in the blind though I got sucked out on on the river. If I’m results oriented, then mostly just the AQ 3 bet/fold would have helped, and even that only if he 4 bets his AK.

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