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by PokerAnon ~ March 14th, 2012. Filed under: $ 10nl 6 max.

[Current project: 6 max cash. Most of my cash game play has been full ring. To work on my 6 max game I have started at $10 tables]

So maybe I’m picking up some momentum; I actually played two sessions within two days! Some 400 hands the first day and 500+ on six tables the next day.

I’ve had computer issues of varying sorts since late August of last year and I finally broke down and bought a new computer. I’m not totally settled in with it yet, but it is nice to have the laptop plus the 23″ monitor available again. The most recent problem was that the old laptop screen died and I could only use the external monitor, plus I wasn’t able to control the display settings properly so it’s a relief to have things back to “normal”. Now if the internet would only settle down and give me a consistent connections to Stars.

Eventually yesterday I was able to load up six tables on the external monitor and have the lobby on the laptop, which was nice. I’ve never played six tables of 6 max before that I can recall. I did get up to sixteen, or maybe even twenty of tables of full ring at one time but maybe six of 6 max is equal to nine of full ring? Anyway, it took a while to settle there. Rather than start four and add I opted to get on 7-8 waiting lists and jumped right into six. Not the recommended way to increase your tables, but I’ve been there before, plus the waiting lists seem slower than pre-Black Friday so I was impatient.

Again, these hands are sorted by size of final pot. All these are from the last session only.

First hand, against a 78/58 with 8/27% aggression maniac, and a 28/20 2.1/45%. After the hand someone else at the table asked what was going on, and I said ‘don’t ask me’. I flop the nut flush against two players who seem intent on outplaying each other.

(Note: The replayer would only show two players. I had to remove an equals sign from one of the players names “=” which the replayer site could not understand, to get the hand to show properly.)

Next, a 93/80, 4.3/50%. This session I came up with a new color code label; red for maniacs. This session there were at least three players that I tagged as such, and this is the first time in some 6,000 hands that I’ve really seen any, and three show up. Last hand had one, and this hand is against another. I really didn’t pay attention to this hand; a symptom of not being fully under control with six tables, but then, ?

Next hand is a misread of my opponent. He’s 28/21, 2/31% at the end, though I saw him as much laggier than this.

Here’s one of the last hands, one that got my session to positive just before quitting. This is a passive 33/0 fish who, in his first hand at the table cold called a 3 bet from a $2 short stack with T9o, which I immediately made note of. Some two orbits later we get this hand, and then he leaves.

Next is a 52/5. Note the awful 3 bet preflop, which obviously I can’t fold to, and then it’s a matter of what to make of his turn bet.

Another hand against the 28/21. I have to admit to not paying full attention again during the hand because I don’t remember whether he bet all three streets or not. Again, either he’s at the top of the range that I put him on for 3 betting, or I misread his stats/indicators, or I’m doing some sort of overreacting to 3 bets from other players, or, he just had a lot of good hands against me. He kept sitting out for some reason, so I’m pretty sure I only ended up with less than 50 hands total on him.

Next is a 53/21 fish. The flop is awful, but the fish will call with a huge range so I think I have to bet the flop and turn to get value from his 65/55/66/A7/K9 ect hands that he will call down with. On the river I don’t see hands other than a straight, which I think he raises at some point, that will call anything that goes over half a pot so I bet small. But, as it turns out, I think I’m wrong. With his specific hand he would have called a bigger bet.

26/24 5.5/26, whom I’ve noted before as betting a wet flop multiway with overcards, meaning he doesn’t really think. In this case, he’s been chipped down, and then doubled up his $1.60 stack against me earlier when he shoved Ax over my 66. Now I get a chance to get my money back, especially given his post flop aggression.

(Oop, lost the replay. It was my K4 that flopped two pair after he openlimped KJ from UTG. I check raised, he shoved and I collected my money back.)

Finally, a hand that surprised me, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. This is a 15/3, but who 3 bets from the blinds 40% of the time. It’s possible that either he actually had a hand, or, that he simply can’t believe it when someone 4 bets him. Either way, I don’t have anything to go with.

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