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by PokerAnon ~ January 22nd, 2012. Filed under: $ 10nl 6 max.

Still working on $10 6max, but very little. Three weeks into the year and I only have five sessions, 1,200 hands because I’m mostly playing only two tables to give myself time to check my thinking as I go. Finally got back to positive with the session before last after dropping a couple buyins in the first session.

Against a 53/16 over 45 hands, cbet 100%, 3bet 15% but I recall thinking it was higher at the time of the hand. Because I read him as prone to 3betting I choose to flat QT suited, a hand that can play well in position.

The worst part of this hand is the river. As soon as the J gets there I decide to flat, being now afraid he’s holding AK, which is pretty unlikely at this point in the hand, as is anything with a 9 or a set of tens or Queens since I hold one of each. Missed value on the river.

47/4 over 78 hands, fcb of 62%, aggression of 1.1/28%. I bet the flop small because it’s a bet/fold and check/fold the turn. Except I catch a bluff catcher. I don’t expect him to be bluffing here, but on the other hand I don’t see what he’s representing, other than an Ace or two pair, and if he had those why would he bet the river?

Here’s a problem. UTG is a Lagfish, 50/39 over 18, undersized raiser is a nit; 13/10 over 40. I’m afraid to 3 bet JJ against this raise, and I get caught because of it.

On the flop I check-raise to try to get rid of the nit and iso against the bad player, but after he call/shoves I’m pretty sure I’m dominated.

I don’t know what people flat 3 bets with, but here’s a 29/27 over 49 with a steal of 40%. I 3 bet AJo rather than flat because it’s ahead of his range but not significantly ahead. I c-bet and check/fold the turn, in spite of his 5.5 and 42% post flop aggression.

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