by PokerAnon ~ October 9th, 2011. Filed under: $ 10nl x 6 tables of FR.

Recently I’ve run across BlackRain a couple of times. He’s a microstakes grinder and coach who plays predominantly at $10nl FR and I’ve felt somewhat inspired by him to do some $10nl.

My bankroll at Stars is still under $400 due to some variance and very little playing so it’s a little comforting to sit down at $10nl tables where I’m rolled and where the play is not much of a challenge. I don’t even play more than four tables at a time, but then I’m usually doing something else while I play. The real poker grind mindset is just not with me any more.

But here’s an awful hand. Limped pot, I’m in the big blind. On the turn with a three flush on the board an aggressive player in position makes a min bet stab at the pot. I call and a 37/0 calls. I river the straight flush and hope that someone had the Ace of clubs or at least the King.



So he stacks off with an eight high flush or eight high straight? Either he thinks a straight beats a flush or he just doesn’t see the four flush sitting there.

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