by PokerAnon ~ June 25th, 2012. Filed under: $ 10nl x 6 tables of FR.

My first down session since returning from the land of Zoom, after ten or so up sessions. A couple hands that I wanted to look at.

First hand against a tight player, 12/10, almost a nit, opening only 6% from early position over 240 hands. 6% means 88+, ATs+, KQs. I 3 bet from the big blind and I expect him to shove or fold; calling I don’t know what that means since I have two Aces and it’s pretty unlikely that he has the other two.

Flop is not nice but unless he has QQ/JJ I’m ahead of KK and TT/99. I think he folds AK/KQ and I thought he would fold shove pretty much everything so I don’t have a good guess what he might hold. By the time the turn comes I think that I can’t fold because of his remaining stack size. I probably should have thought of this on the flop and bet so that I can give myself a better option on the turn. He’s only got pot left in his stack on the turn.

If I fold the turn, getting 2-1 (he only bets $5 but he has pot left total) I save $11, enough to have left me up for the session instead of down by $3.75. How often does do this with KK/TT/99? Probably only KK, some of the time, and it’s perfectly consistent with QQ/JJ. His TT/99 probably, though I’m not certain, fold preflop, and if not, probably fold flop. So I was pretty comfy, especially that I have more hands on him than most other players, that I’m dead.

Next hand I’m planning a float on this board, so I call the flop and bet the turn when he checks.

On the river I should bet almost all the time, I think, but I got myself afraid of him having 88/66 or pair that he wasn’t folding, or calling my turn bet because he picked up the flush draw.


After we both check the river I said, are you an idiot, or did you actually know what you were doing? Later I decided that he’s probably an idiot that hoped to hit his card on the river, but I think that this is one of those few times that firing more than one barrel is +EV at $25nl.

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