by PokerAnon ~ July 5th, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 6 tables of FR, $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

Well, after 3 weeks of almost all 6 max, I seem to be running well at full ring again.

One 7 table session of $10nl to get into it, one 3-4 table session of $25nl, 600 hands total at rates of 69.8 and 89.6 bbs/100 respectively. Obv sustainable. Helped by winning 4-4 showdowns during the $25 session.


Running well, obv, but also I think that what I hoped would happen is happening. That is, that having developed a concept for 6 max play and the more player based/situation based/higher aggression/blind versus late position battles play is helping my full ring play. Red line for non-showdown winnings pretty steady copy of the other lines in the graph ending 140bbs (70BBs) or so positive after the 600 hands. As long as I keep folding most hands from the earliest positions and avoid getting too laggy/loose from there I should be okay.

I also have a desire to play too much from the blinds, stealing OOP from the SB sometimes a bit too often against loose BBs and wanting to play too many 2nd or 3rd tier hands against late position players who will open limp from late, call the raise from the blinds and then not fold to c-bets. Same situation against limpers if I raise from late as they like to hang on more than they should at these levels.

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