a Flash in the hand

by PokerAnon ~ April 24th, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 6 tables of FR.

Not sure whether I should write about this here or in the main blog, but it’s short so I’ll put it here.

I had a flash, something that I’ve been waiting for. Yesterday (a minus 1 buyin day, btw) there was a tight player who raised from either the HJ or CO position, 11/4/inf/21, steal of 21 over 140 hands. I was in one of the blinds with AQs. I hate to call behind raises except for set mines or sometimes with suited connectors, but for connectors I prefer them to be mid range, no gap, and have at least one other caller in the pot as well so it happens less frequently than mid/small pairs.

AQo I don’t like to play OOP. I’ve folded them before, and AK as well from the blinds to action ahead of me preflop. Here there was only one player in. He wasn’t a stealer (I 3 bet with much less against chronic stealers) but I opted to 3 bet. He hesitated and called.

Flop came monotone, T96. A somewhat dangerous board perhaps, but more so if I were up against someone who limp/calls or calls behind. This was an open raise, albeit from late, and a call of a 3 bet from a tight player. The flash was that I visually saw broadway cards as his hand, and big ones, ones that at best had a gutshot and overs. so I opted to bet 3/4 pot or so. He hesitated again and folded.

The danger is if he has the Ace of K of the suit, but otherwise, because he’s tight and because he open raised he can only be ahead of me with the flush, TT or 99 because I’ve really represented AA/KK. I opted to do so on the flop because of the hand range that flashed before me.

I don’t know to what degree I can trust the flash, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to find out if it happens some more. What I hope is happening is my subconscious is piecing together a hand range based on the information that I have and compiling it for me. It’s what I’ve been trying to get to for a long time. I need to work on exercises, maybe some kind of test situations either with PokerRazor or with instrutional videos to practice this.

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