Down 60bbs

by PokerAnon ~ April 14th, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 6 tables of FR.

Two marginal situations;

  • AK behind a 13/10 short stack, lost to QQ. I read him as less nitty than some, but 1) he’s not folding, so 2) I’m only ahead if he’s raising AQ. At best I’m likely hoping he has AK. Marginal, but I can/should be able to fold this.
  • KK with two callers and a mid FD/st8D flop, check/bet/I raise, SB checkraises, fold. Against two this has to be more than just a draw or a donkey, and it turned out to be a set. The problem on this one was two-fold; it was his second hand so no reads at all, and my inability to fold big pairs. I told myself that it might be a draw played fast but in retrospect this seems unlikely.
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