by PokerAnon ~ May 23rd, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 8+ tables of FR.

So for the purpose of giving it a try, I tried 12x10nl today for an hour. A couple of things that I noticed. One is that having 12 tables increases my detachment simply because of the additional 2 tables calling for me. It wasn’t too difficult to keep up most of the time; I didn’t time out at all. Hit a few instances of having hands to play on more than one table at the time, but I kept in mind the fact that when I play a lot of tables it’s okay to make sure to take enough time in the important hands. When I first started playing more than 3 my attention would jump as soon as I hear a beep indicating that another table was requesting action and would cut short the amount of time that I spent at one table. Now I’m trying to allow my short term memory to keep track of the fact that I need to look as soon as I am done at the current table but not rush any important-ish decisions.

Also, I can’t really do any more tables tiled as I like unless I get bigger monitors. I’m using a standard laptop as my main computer and a second 17″ CRT as the second monitor. When I do 10 tables I do 6 on the laptop and 4 on the CRT, but with 6 on the CRT it’s pretty small and I found myself leaning in a few times to try to read the stats on the HUD on the CRT.

One thing that I did notice with this many tables is that toward the end of the hour I did start to feel worn out and needing a rest. This is the first time that I’ve noticed a mental/physical feeling like this. It was pretty minor, like working for a while on something that has a deadline but without any feeling sense of panic, just a sense of having concentrated hard for an hour and wanting to rest. Maybe this happened long ago in earlier smaller attempts at mulitabling but I don’t recall.

This was a nice hand, and accounted for most of what I was up for the session.

This was the biggest loss. My reason for not raising at any point was in case what happened happened. Lucky for him, unlucky for me. At a higher level I’m more willing to raise and to stack off simply because the likelihood of being dominated is less, I think. REM: Minraising preflop with weak suited Aces is a strategy suggested by Ed Miller.

This is the one I have questions about. On the flop it’s standard with a big hand, but on the turn I downsized the bet because I had lost pot equity. I’m still not sure of the best way to play this turn against a standard player at 10nl.

I expected a K that was afraid of me having AK. Had I considered an underpair I could have made a smaller blocking bet on the turn to be able to see the river with 9 flush outs and as it turned out 3 Ace and 3 Q outs as well, or bet harder to more fully rep a K.

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