by PokerAnon ~ September 6th, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 8+ tables of FR.

Successfully completed 5 days for $5 of Take 2 bonus at Tilt, plus ITMed a $5.50 51 runner private tourney for $30 or so.

But decided to do some actual grinding today so I went to Stars and opened 8x10nl. 369 hands; according to the online poker fallacy I lost $18.45, but unfortunately for that author I ended up plus $15.30 instead. 41bb/100, not exactly sustainable. Played like a nit at 11/6 but it didn’t feel like it after playing only 2 or 3 tables at a time for the last couple of months. W$SD was low at 43 due to paying off some chasers plus paying off some short stacks.

Things to note though;

  • QQ, paid off an A7o that called to the river chasing a 4 flush and gutshot draw, and filled the gutshot
  • 9Ts; paid off a loose-passive/postflop-aggressive that called to the river with AKs and filled the flush on the river
  • AQs; completed in the BB and paid off a UTG raise from a LAG w/K8s, 4K7,4,7 board: REM: LAGs at this level don’t make adjustments for position so even UTG can be anything
  • 66; on 483 board put a SS in with AQ, he turns an A
  • JJ put a SS in, he has QQ
  • TT put a SS in, he has AK and flops a K


  • 55; stacked AA who open limped from mid on a 5Q6 board
  • AK fr mid; flatted a UTG raise from a tight player, he check raises 23A board, I put him in, he has AQs
  • AQs fr blinds, flatted after PFR from early and loose-passive from above flatted. Donked a KQ5 FD flop and both called. Turn is J filling my flush, loose-passive calls turn but folds river
  • AJs; flatted from blind versus TAG, T95 flop, he c-bets, I Xraise, he folds
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