by PokerAnon ~ September 8th, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 8+ tables of FR.

A shortish session while waiting for the car to be returned.

Only 262 hands, a less nitty 15/9 running 74bb/100 (!) with a better W$SD of 63.6%. Up almost 2 buyins. Sucked out on a setmine 33 that hit on a J73 two tone flop with my AA that filled on the river, but he’s setmining with less than a 40bb stack. That’s the thing about re-working my grinding by starting at $10nl again; there’s way too many short/mid stacks. Still, I’m managing to run above my all-in EV by 1,000 bbs or so, or 2 bbs/100 over two sessions.


I miss a lot of hands playing 8 tables, but when I saw the end of this one I had to see how it played out. As it turns out, pretty badly.

I dunno what the worst plays are here. For the AA, the minraise preflop is the worst, but checking the flop is not exactly brilliant either. Mind you, this is 10nl so he probably hopes that he’s thinking that he needs to slowplay.

Preflop the AQs is fine, especially with the min 3 bet by Player 3. The min donk bet when he gets the flush draw is funny, and the raise gives him 2.80/0.90 pot odds. He’s got 9 flush outs for 18% chance so he’s getting less than what he should require. However, he might think his overcards are valid outs, which they aren’t, but also if he can get his opponent to pay off if the flush hits, he’s got sufficient implied odds.

The river is amazing. In order to generate action Player 2 min donk bets again. This is the point when I started watching this hand, and I think Player 3 insta-raised. Now it depends on reads, but when a runner-runner flush fills I can be willing to pay it off, but only when the opponent is not a loose calling station, and not when I’ve let him in the hand by not betting the flop and the turn. In this case Player 3 didn’t bet the flop, and just reraising the turn often doesn’t have the same effect on players at this kind of level. I only have 6 hands on Player 2 and a few more on Player 3 which means that Player 2 joined the table after I did, and he was 17/17 so it’s not likely that Player 3 had more information. I don’t know if I could have just flat called the river but maybe so, but it would have been after 3 betting preflop better and betting the flop.

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