by PokerAnon ~ October 1st, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 8+ tables of FR.

670 hands on 10 tables of $10, still trying to work myself back into the groove of multitabling.

But I played like a nit; 11/6, but W$SD of 47.6 and 29bb/100. Most of my big monies came from various fish; I limp behind with a suited Ace, flop the nut flush and the fish overbets the pot so I minraise. Then he’s happy to get in all in on the turn, holding a 64 or 74 or something with the flush, not stopping to think that I might have a bigger flush. Those kind of players.

The exception is one other hand where I flatted AA in late position against a UTG PFR from a TAG with 80 bbs. I thought about raising, but his range here is pretty narrow to begin with so I thought I’d have a better chance trapping rather than showing more strength. Flop comes low and fairly dry, he checks so I bet and he calls. King comes on the turn, he checks, I bet, he shoves, I call. He had check/called the flop with AK and hit “his card” on the turn. I felt a bit sorry for him as he seemed a decent player.

I actually gave up with QQ after being 4 bet by the player directly in front of me on a low flop. I called his flop bet on a J high flop but managed to stop myself from calling his turn shove. He was fairly TAG and I don’t know how often TAGs at 10nl 4 bet AK preflop, so I think there’s a better than good chance he has AA/KK.  Giving up on the flop seemed weak, but shoving over his flop bet is probably better than calling the flop and hoping to get to showdown. AK might panic on the turn and shove, but again, based on the level and the stats, I think it more likely that he has AA/KK.

On another table I flatted a 3 bet of my PFR OOP with QQ, check/called a flop bet. We checked down after an Ace hit on the turn, his KK beating my QQ in the end.

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