4×25 is boring, compared to 10×10

by PokerAnon ~ April 15th, 2009. Filed under: $ 10nl x 8+ tables of FR, $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

A session of 4×25.

  • 3 times I raised from the blinds against two fish, immediately to my right and left, and they both called. Both were passive post-flop; agg less than 1. First time I had AQ, checked until I hit a Q on the river, fish to my left raised, I called, he had o/l and called with 78o
  • Next two times I had AK, same two players limp/called, checked down, split the first one with the player to the right who just completed the S/B w/AK, and the third I won with Ace high.
  • But my non-showdown line is not doing well, largely missing sets with set mines

Really started to get bored so I got off the tables and opened up 10x10nl. This was a lot more fun. Lots more action, of course, and less difficult thinking.

  • c-bet missed flop into 2 or 3 one time; I have to make sure how many are in the hand. Possibly some more revising the HUD so I can see the cards. I’m thinking about making 2 wide rows instead of the 1 and 3 grouping that I have been using.
  • Made less use of HUD stats; did a lot of playing just based on hand/stacks/position. This is okay, the first couple of orbits, but I don’t want to lose the value of the stats
  • Lost one stack when I had 77 in the SB with lots of limpers and the flop was 887. BB had 87 for a bigger boat.
  • Also lost a stack with AQ that I raised from late. AJx flop and he donked. I raised, he called. He had called from the blinds with JJ. Can I give up on this one at some point?
  • Gave up on a flopped set when there was a FD. I gambled OOP that someone would bet the A high flop as there were two others, but they checked. 3 flush filled on the the turn and I bet, original raiser folded but the other player called. I folded to his river bet. That’s the tough part of setmining OOP.
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