Mass tabling hand review

by PokerAnon ~ May 19th, 2011. Filed under: $ 10nl x 8+ tables of FR.

Review of the biggest losing hands in my mass multi tabling venture. Some 4 or 5K hands at this point.

First one is gross. I’ve been playing with undersizing my raises of limpers at $10 and $25 thinking that I can at least get the blinds and other players not to be in the pot, and save money when the limper(s) call and I miss the flop since these players also tend not to be able to fold postflop.

First gross spot is when I get 3 bet tiny and a blind and the limper call. Now I can’t fold. Then the four way flop comes Ace high. Ugh. Then the limper shoves his small stack. Ugh. So I raise, being willing to take on a shortstack who open limps/calls preflop on this flop, but the blind check-raises. Ugh.

This one preflop I should isoraise the player who bought in early, but again it’s a recent fear of 1) playing out of position and 2) iso-raising then c-betting against players who don’t fold enough postflop so I play passively. Post flop I don’t have to stack off but its a matter of determining whether this is a player who can’t give up postflop or whether he actually has something. In other words I mostly have a bluff-catcher, but is he bluffing? Since PokerStars left the US market I’ve played more Euros and it is harder to make this determination because the Euro player pool seems to have a higher percentage of players who are more aggressive pre and post flop.

This one I think is fine. The only other option is to check/shove the flop in order to get the money in while I’m ahead. On the turn and river there’s too many lower straights, straight and flush draws and pairs with draws that are in his range to give up.

Next is just a sigh. This is the kind of crap that players limp/call/chase with. I raise the flop donk because half the time this is just a test, and when the 3 flush fills I have the King of the suit so I’ve probably still got equity, though probably no fold equity.

This one I’m not sure. 3bettor I remember as being close to nit stats but the 4 bettor being loose. Obviously the raise is fine, but is there too much indication that I’m not up against AK/JJ? Probably. Neither player is laggy or a total idiot.

Preflop could be a 3 bet or a flat, especially depending on the player’s stats, which I don’t remember. Flop bet is okay, check/calling small bets after the Ace comes is okay too, I think.

At $10 you see a lot more idiots who open limp AA from early. On the other hand you also see a lot of idiots who open limp AT or K9s from early, and then try to represent limped AA. Reads are important and I don’t remember this guy’s stats at all so that’s no help in reviewing.

Another sigh. The river shove is either a flush or a bluff; “he can’t call this if he doesn’t have a flush” thinking. Again the hand quality is brilliant.

Here we get the slowplayed version of the open limp with AA …

And outdrawn on the river after being ahead and betting all the way.

I think the thinking on this hand stems from apparent random raises that I seem to get both preflop and on flops. I don’t quite understand the check/raise with a low top pair but maybe it folds unpaired overcards.

Not much to say here, though I guess I could check the river. A busted draw isn’t calling but I was putting him on any random Ace as much as anything else.

Shortstack nit; if he has AK in his range this is fine.


If I just look at the losing hands there’s too many hero calls when I’m behind. That’s combined with too many bad chases/calls by my opponents that eventually get there which put me into some of those situations.

There’s a general belief that at these levels you can fold to aggression because they will have it when they bet or raise. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Rush Poker, or maybe I’m overreacting to the switch in player base to Euros which has populated the player pool with a higher percentage of maniac/LAGs, or maybe it’s just frustration setting in. Or maybe I don’t remember how to play $10nl FR.

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