by PokerAnon ~ June 12th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl 6 max.

Tried 3 tables of $25nl 6 max for a change.

Tables played very strangely. Had 3 players who would overbet the pot. One player seemed to settle down after the player beside him left the table; the player beside more than a few times shoved almost his entire stack in on the flop. The third player on another table would also overbet, but it seemed to be whenever a scare card came. Unfortunately I never picked up a hand against him and ended up leaving the table down. Two of these players were also extremely loose; VPIP over 70.

I played something like 20/10 over maybe 180 hands. The 20 is probably about right given I’m about 15 on 9 max tables, and the 10 is low but likely due to unfamiliarity with the 6 max dynamic.

These particular tables also played very fast. I only had 3 open but that seemed to be as much as I could handle as the hands came around quickly. I missed betting a boat on the river when I didn’t notice the board had paired and I had already planned to slow down with a set on the flop after the 3 flush filled on the turn, but he was chasing a 4 flush with the single King of the suit so he likely wouldn’t have paid off anyways.

  • Tried to push off a donk bet into my PFR on an Ace high flop but it didn’t convince a A7o that had limp/called
  • Did push off a donk bet into my PFR on a 983 or something flop with my KK. Would have been nicer the other way around, though then I would have to worry about a set
  • Won with JT high on a Q high flop when one of the loose players bet his J3 and then checked down.

All in all I don’t have a feel for 6 max, so I may keep at this for a while. And this was early in the morning so most of the players were European so that probably affects the play as well.

Later upate: Played another session. This time ran 19/15/8. Thought maybe I was overdoing the aggression but 19/15 is really quite reasonable, but I think I was running like 24/19 on the table I was paying the most attention to, which might be why I felt the aggression was high. Lost an AI preflop to a short stack with JJ to 77 when he filled a 4 flush, but got paid with AA in the SB against a button raise/shove with AK. Other than that, my red line was down but got almost back to even, and non-showdown winnings were more than 4 times the number of times I went to showdown. That all sounds about right for 6 max.

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