by PokerAnon ~ June 14th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl 6 max.

This is either funny, or weird.

Still playing 3 tables of 25nl 6max. Slowly starting to get a feel for 6 max, and getting more into a flow. Here I’ve been at this table for around 50 hands. The player two to my right and I have chipped up a bit from a bad loose player that overvalued his hands, who has since left the table.

But this player in between us hasn’t managed to increase his stack. His stats are decent; 27/23/inf with a steal percentage of 50. I’ve been playing 31/23/4.3 with a steal percentage of 50 as well.

He raises, I have a decent hand and I consider 3 betting him. But he steals often, and I will have position on him post flop so I opt to flat with a potentially dominated hand, but also one that can flop big plus is fine for a blind-verses-blind situation.

Flop comes dead, he bets, so I call with overcards (which may be dominated) and runner-runner possibilities. Now, for standard play, calling with overs and runner-runner is generally pretty bad, but my plan is to evaluate the turn. I’m not planning to just chase until it gets too expensive, which is the difference between my call here in position and the way some people call with overs and runner-runners.

Turn gives me an OESD and he checks so I bet. So this is not a plain float bet, the scare card improved my hand although I don’t have a made hand but there’s only one card to come.

He folds. But the funny/weird part is that he then types in the chat box, “****ing calling stations”. I guess in his mind I’m not bluffing, not floating, not betting a scare card just because he checked. I’m betting because the 9 just made my hand. Perhaps the speed at which I made the bet helped convince him I just made my hand but the speed was more due to the fact that I’m using a betpot AHK script plus I had the idea of betting the turn if checked from the moment I called preflop to a certain extent, and more so given the nature of the flop.

If it’s true that the idea that I haven’t made my hand never crossed his mind then that might explain why I and the player to his right had made money from the bad player that left the table, while he had been there the entire time as well and hadn’t managed to get ahead in spite of his apparent decent stats.

Okay, just set HEM to replay all the hands at that table. Two other hands where I was involved with him, where early I flatted AK behind his early position raise, flop came AQx, he checked, I checked behind, turn was a blank, he checked again and I bet and he folded. The other he raised, I flatted 44 and the bad player also called. No one bet the flop, the turn gave me a set so I bet hoping to represent a steal, the bad player called and my sad friend folded. The bad player subsequently donked the river and I minraised but he folded. Possibly given that player’s mentality I should have shoved and it would have been more likely that he would call me?

Anyway, the sad player’s stats also show that he c-bet 50%, which is low, so he may be one of those ABC style TAGs that expect people to fold/re-raise like him. And if you’re not like him and you’re taking chips from him, there’s something wrong with your play. Though, I would have thought that given his steal percentage he would understand the advantage of position better.

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