by PokerAnon ~ June 18th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl 6 max.

Too busy to play much poker lately, but I got in a short session this morning.

Still playing 3x25nl 6 max. Slowly starting to get a feel for the tables. The biggest thing at this level seems to be that people seem to feel that playing 60/4, 35/30, 25/5, or 8/8 are all fine. I don’t know how long I’ll stay here as I seem to be collecting FPPs more slowly and I do want to finish off the redeposit bonus to give me the option of moving most of my play to another site.

Very early at this table I flatted JJ behind an UTG raise. We were 3 bet by the player behind, UTG shoved so I folded, 3 bettor called, UTG had ATs and 3 bettor had AK but the river was a T. So here I raise, the player who 3 bet in the early hand 3 bets, so I opt to 4 bet, mostly hoping for a fold OOP. 3 bet size is kinda large, especially IP so I take that as a hint that he wants to take it down pre. Because of that, I intentionally size my 4 bet on the small side as if I’m looking for action. That may very well be reading too much into things, at this level of play. If he flats, I play standard 3 bet pot strategy. If he shoves I probably fold because I intentionally 4 bet and did so small to test him. This is 6 max, so the aggression level is higher, but this is also only $25nl, so unless I know otherwise I assume the 3 bet and 4 bet/5bet ranges to be tighter than at higher levels, especially as we’re not in a blind/blind or blind/button situation.

On this table the flop shove comes from a player that I’ve seen shove flops against other players. tbh, I wasn’t paying much attention to this table and flatted the pocket pairs preflop out of habit.

Finally, this hand. I raise, get 3 bet. Player is not overly aggressive so I don’t think his 3 bet is too light, but I think I have a nice hand to flat, plus position. Once I see the flop, I’m looking to use whatever fold equity I might have. I’m still working on how to play 3 bet pots, but I think this is a good situation even before the flop comes.

His 3 bet pre is an odd size; OOP I make it larger. On the flop his c-bet size is fine, my reraise is small. I don’t want to see a turn; I’d rather he raise me than flat call so we can get stacks in on the flop. This may be one of those situations where size almost doesn’t matter too much because of the play level. I’m less interested in SPR and getting stacks in by the river than in having things decided on the flop without donkey-shoving my stack.

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