by PokerAnon ~ July 3rd, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl 6 max.

It’s been longer that usual since my last post. I’ve been busy writing stuff for the main blog though, all of which has been scheduled in the future. I think at this point I’m like 3 weeks ahead of myself there. Partly this is because I don’t like to post more than say 3 times a week there, but also writing there I often like to take a bit of time to review and rework my posts anyway, so putting posts into a queue for later publishing gives me some opportunities to review a few times before posting.

I have been playing, but not very successfully. I meandered a bit, spewing off some bankroll at both $50nl FR and $10nl FR again. The cards were running so difficult for me that I opted to also use up what T$ I had to play a few cheap MTTs in hopes of wearing out my run of bad cards there so I could go back to the rings.


When I went back, to 3 tables of $25nl 6 max, I promptly paid off a flush chaser twice as well as a limp/caller from UTG with ATo who paired the T on the flop and the Ace on the turn, which is when my AK hit the Ace. The only good thing is that these bad players rarely have a full stack so I can’t lose quite so much. Plus I had a really hard time finding good tables. All I seemed to find were tables of decent full stack/auto rebuyers, or where there was a loose player they always seemed to be on my left instead of my right.

Finally in the later part of my last session I got some decent seats at some decent tables and accumulated some chips to offset some of my losses. I felt a bit bad for one player because he seemed quite decent, 23/23 stats or something like that, but I was to his immediate left. Floated him once and took the pot on the turn, 3 bet him into folding another time, and then later flatted TT behind him and one of the blinds also called. Flop is low, blind checks, he bets less than 1/2 pot, he’s been c-betting a lot so I don’t know if he has a hand or just overs so I call, blind calls. Turn gives me a set, he bets bigger, I min-check raise him, which represents the balance of both his and the blind’s stack, blind fold, he calls, his QQ and I take the balance of his stack.

I was pleased that on two occasions I also had a hand and calculated the turn bet intentionally to be able to get the rest of my opponent’s stack on the river with an easy bet size, although I can only find one now. Opponent went to the river and then folded when his stack was less that pot. The other one may have been the hand where I flopped top pair with nut flush draw, the filled the flush on the turn so I thought I had to slow down on the turn so the pot was not as big as I would have liked it on the river, but he donked 1/2 pot into me so I happily shoved and he snap folds. I guess he thought he would bluff the flush. My guess is that he had top pair because on a later hand he check/called down on a 4A9,2,K board where I bet flop and turn and then didn’t bet river wondering what he had. By the river my AJ was behind A2/A3/A9/AK/AQ/35 so I just checked the river, beating his AT.

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