by PokerAnon ~ May 4th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR, $ 50nl FR.

Maybe it was inevitable, but given the frustration with multi-tabling 25nl, watching videos of higher buyin play, and having finished my silverstar goal, I took some stabs at $50nl.

I have a 2 buyin stop loss, meaning if I lose $100 playing at 50nl, I stop. But I’m only playing one, two, or three tables so it should take a while to lose that stop loss money.

  • raised AQo, called by loose player, c-bet a J22 flop, he calls. Turn is a Ace, so I bet 1/2 pot, calls. River files a runner-runner flush, plus there’s still the 22 on the flop (he is loose), so I bet 40% pot and he calls, his KJ. I really should have gotten a touch more money but was afraid of the buyin level
  • raised a button limper with KTo who had J3s, BB called (A8s) and limper called. Flop was J high so I just folded.
  • raised a 39/16/3/22 UTG limper w/AK but a 48/4/3/49 called as did the limper. Flop was Q high, checked and the 48/4 bet and we folded

Next session,

AQo from the SB, player just sat down, this is his first hand.

His call preflop is awful, and I don’t know what the heck that raise and then betting the turn small is supposed to suggest. On the other hand, I’m not sure I like my call of his flop raise either.

Then next hand I pick up QQ.

UTG is 13/6/6/50 over 63 hands; maybe a flat is better? The only hand I’m in good against is AK. JJ is possible as well, though the small 4 bet size rather than a shove looks too much like AA/KK baiting me.

And the thing about playing some 50nl is that I then go back to 25nl and it’s more comfortable again.

I’m probably better off raising the flop and folding to a shove or bet on the turn. At the end I decided I’m either up against a desparation 3 street bluff or AA/KK. A lot of players will min 3bet their AA/KK from the blinds at this level, so I opted to fold.

Also got some from a set mine, and also this one. This is kinda yucky as it’s a multiway limped pot, against a 40/0/2/24 that I had taken a few chips from a couple of hands earlier when I open raised 22 and he called QT and never bet his OESD and I never c-bet the drawy board.

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