by PokerAnon ~ March 20th, 2010. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR, 6 and 6 on 4 Rampage, Raise Everything, Rush Poker.

Another session of Raise Everything at rush poker. VPIP of 66, PFR of 59.9, minus bb/100 of 75.38. And that’s in spite of stacking one guy who was willing to get it all in on a Qxx 2 tone board when he min 3 bet me with AQ, but I hit my flush on the river. But in my process of trying to evolve my play, the criteria started to become “good situations to raise”, so not 3 betting and iso-raising quite so liberally. Kind of the only thing remaining that’s different from how I normally play is the open raising everything from all positions.

And I started to have my fill of Rush Poker. Finally. So I went and opened a few tables of $25nl at Stars. I don’t know how long it’s been since I did this, but it felt uncomfortable. I definitely need to play some to develop a groove again before I go more than 4 tables.

Paid off one slowplayed set, but stacked another that waited to raise the river, after I had turned the nut straight on the turn. Up, the VPIP was 18.1 and PFR 13.9, ever so slightly higher than way back when last played. No floats, one squeeze but that was for value with QQ in the SB. One hand I had AK in the BB, early position raise and 2 callers, and I couldn’t bring myself to squeeze in spite of the dead money; both the early position raise and the multiple callers scaring me off so I just called and gave up on a low flop. PF raiser had JJ and ended up paying off the SB who called with 76, flopped and inobvious OESD that filled on the turn.

It’s pretty obvious to me that if I want to make money playing poker I need to multi-table grind the cash tables, but it’s also obvious that right now I’m kind of out of condition for it and need to work up to it again. I quit after 230 hands or so because as I played I experienced more and more tension/anxiety.

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