At least I’m swinging the other direction

by PokerAnon ~ March 27th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

Two up sessions, even if my bb/100 overall is still negative

  • One short session of 6 tables before dinner, one session of 4 after while playing on a 0.01/0.02 with a friend
  • Up 1/2 a buyin in the first, 1/3 in the second
  • + one stack when I open raised 33, got callers, 932 flop, got all-in set over 22 set that was setmining.
  • Getting played back at a lot postflop. I don’t know how much is them having cards or me not being able to go because I’ve missed, or me c-betting/playing too aggressive postflop but I’ve been folding postflop after being PFR a lot, or so it seems. I’m having a lot of tables that are down $2, $5 because of this
  • Trying to fold more from early, throwing away AJ, maybe even AQ
  • Also trying to fold more from the blinds rather than 3betting, and calling behind rather than 3betting behind a little more. Looking for stealers to play back at, high PFRs to 3 bet rather than automatically jumping to the aggressive option.
  • Also trying to raise limpers more often when in position and when I think the limper is playable, either because they fold to raises, fold to c-bets, or is awful limper that I’m going to be well ahead of.
  • I don’t think small pairs are hands to raise all limpers with. In most cases they miss the flop, and their medium good flops like ones with few high cards are the ones that miss the limper’s range.
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