Losing hands review

by PokerAnon ~ July 22nd, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

Collection of my biggest losing hands recently. No stats.

  1. He may know that I’m squeezing, so my range may be ahead of what he thinks I have, but low flop so I commit with QQ. I’m not a big fan of his flop shove. Unless he’s intentionally trying to represent a panic shove with AK I realized at the time that it’s only around pot sized but there’s two more streets yet and the flop doesn’t really hit a squeezing hand range, more of a calling in position type of hand range. Would I shut down to a Ten or 7, or would those help me, or would I shut down to an Ace or King turn? Probably not if he made it a 1/3 pot flop bet and then we’re stack committed. On the other hand the whole reason for my flat of his small 4 bet is to consider folding to an A or K flop and committing to anything else.
  2. Min-raise and call of my 3bet. And then an annoying min-raise of my c-bet. I have overs and he’s shortish and not good ….
  3. Another half stack
  4. Almost a min-3 bet at a short table (it was still filling up at this point so few hands). Basically he gets lucky with his flop shove. All sorts of options this hand; I could have shoved pre, I could have flatted rather than raise the flop.
  5. AK vrs a 40 bb shove, probably okay.
  6. An undersized 3 bet, but boy he didn’t get much value for his hand. He gets lucky because I hit the set on the river.
  7. Another AK vrs a 40 bb stack.
  8. And KK vrs a 40bb stack who sucks out with AQ.
  9. And KK vrs T9 who was prepared to go with this top pair and catches a second pair on the river
  10. QQ with an OESD vrs a very tight full stack. He’s repping at least two pair/set but I have a hard time folding
  11. Early at this table so I just check AT. I check-raise the flop and decide to call down, losing to an open limped pair of tens.
  12. Accidental min-3-bet; I didn’t see the early position raise and just clicked the “raise” button twice. Then I’m in trouble with only top pair/non-top kicker.
  13. Rare flop raise with a draw at this level, so I didn’t expect a draw.



I’m down over this time frame, though I don’t know how much? I figure there’s no point checking unless I think that I’m either close to bursting the bankroll or getting close to the $500 that I’m targeting for playing $50nl, and I don’t think I’m too close to either one atm.

Not awful play by me but I am aware that 1) I’m not running good, and 2) I’m not feeling confident in my game. If I had 2) then 1) wouldn’t be as much a problem, as well as vice versa. Run-good is random but it would make sense that it would take a few thousand hands to resolidify my confidence after not really grinding for some months.

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