Session 4

by PokerAnon ~ July 7th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

Holdem Manager allows me to select all the biggest hands in three different ways; either the biggest wins, the biggest losses, or the biggest absolute value.  I only discovered this last one, so that seems the simplest way to review hand histories. Then I can delete the boring ones and post the others here.

Here I’m allowing a 26/19 with Cbet of 80 and aggression frequency of 47% to bet into me. The flop is not drawy, and if doesn’t keep betting I will bet. The turn and river make it more possible that he has me beat so I just keep calling.

An 87/12 who has stacked up by limp/check shoving top two pair and then limp/shoving AA. He folds 70% to cbets. He hasn’t show a tendency to bluff-shove. At the time I couldn’t remember if I bet the turn because I had another hand going on.

Not sure what to do with AJs with a tight short stack. The board gets worse and worse, but more in favor of my range since he’s tight and I called his raise. But if he has overcards I don’t think he’s folding either and I have a bluff catcher if he had AK/AQ.

Same loose player from earlier, but this is an earlier hand. Full sized preflop raise and larger than normal flop bet because I expect to be called and I want to get value. But loose players are much more likely to hold suited cards and chase flushes/straights. I could have bet the river for value as he’s checked the 3 flush and a 9 is only a small part of his possible holdings, plus he hasn’t shown the inclination to check-raise as a bluff yet.

Not much to say on this one, I think.

I’ve done little 3betting or 4 betting in this session or in the earlier ones. Here blind 3bets 9% over steal attempts, 8% in general, and steals himself 37%. And he’s close to full stacked. I think these are indications that I can fold a large part of his 3 betting range in this situation.

And a successful float of a relative unknown; 0/0 over 6 hands at this point, but full stacked.

Now, I will do the same thing in his situation. I c-bet almost every flop unless there is more than one opponent, fire bigger when I have a hand than when I don’t, but shut down after firing one barrel unless I have reads that make it worth firing a second barrel. This is very exploitable, but due to Black Friday and my lack of playing, most players have very few stats on me. Firing only one bullet is my default action after raising preflop and missing the flop/turn but unless I see hyper-aggro stats or very clear TAG stats indicating a thinking player I think this is fine against 90% of the players that I see.

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