Session 4

by PokerAnon ~ May 11th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

240 hands or so (I’m still on one with the only remaining fish). 20.2/15.5, 48.50 bb/100, plus $35.14 which is pretty much my EV for the session as well.

Lost 18 bbs raising 78s c-betting a 655. 8 on the turn and I check/called. I probably should have check/raised. I was afraid to just bet out, being afraid that hands like 99/TT/JJ might raise. I turned out that the guy, who had standard stats, was attempting a float with KJo (not a hand I like to call with) and then gets lucky on the river when a J comes and we check it down. Against a better player I’m betting or check/raising, but it depends how often this player is betting as a bluff and how often he’ll pay me off if I fill the straight. Because I picked up showdown value I just opted to call the turn bet.

Also lost 17.8 bbs calling down a JJ2 two tone, 8, 6. He bet three streets and I’m still not sure whether three streets means an overpair or trying to fold a flush draw with nothing, or an under pair like TT/99.  Also lost a few bbs bet/folding, on a AQ3 two tone and later on a K96 mono board, both three way and in position.

Made a huge suckout raising QTo from late. The problem was that the opponent was really bad and so I didn’t give his check/raise flop or small turn bet much value, and, my hand kept improving when it went K67, J, A. He bet out on the river, I shoved and he called, with AK. I would have given his flop check/raise respect if he wasn’t so bad, and my hand kept improving….

Made a few bbs with QQ on a drawy board against a fish who called with a gutshot, bet his gutshot with 4 card flush draw and then bet small again when he rivered a J, and again with JJ when I bet my OESD on the flop and he chased his gutshot again and bluffed the river small. I didn’t get full value from his lack of playing ability but both hands were vulnerable because of the board and I wasn’t overly confident in the stats.

So, after depositing $200 to chase maybe $50 of bonus I haven’t played enough to earn any. Only 1,031 hands but I’m already up like $124 from playing.

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