Session 6

by PokerAnon ~ July 9th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

A short session 5 in between.

Here a 60/40 isoraises a 60/5. Both their ranges are huge, so I 3 bet and raise the flop donk bet. It turns out that he had previously donk bet his only other opportunity as well.

This one was a little scary; the guy who 3 bets is a 9/8 with a 3 bet % of 3 over 80 hands or so. Why would someone like that 3 bet an early position raise?

On the other hand, it’s possible that even though he’s a nit he doesn’t consider position; his early position PFR is 10% so he’s opening the same range of hands from all positions. Or, it could be a designed test, a 3bet/fold to 4 bet. Or maybe he’s just been reading about squeezing.

Next one same guy, different table. I’m a bit trapped here.

Since Black Friday the tables seem to be full of nits generating huge wait lists, so I’ve been jumping on short tables or starting up tables myself. Here the table is just getting filled.

Similarly here, the table is filling and this guy buys in out of position. He only lasted one more hand after this.

This was nasty; I distinctly remember the guy had 5 hands and was 20/20, so no reads at all. I could/maybe should fold river, but I was curious as much as anything. Sometimes from an unknown it will turn out that this is TT or something. But of course over more hands this guy later turns out to be a standard TAG rather than a maniac.

The danger of his play is that he sets himself up to be stacked by two pair/set against unknowns like me. In other words I’d be looking for hands to call him with if he’s going to be for that much value. I’ll do this against players that I have indications that they’re bad, but not against someone that is a reg.

Finally, everyone needs hands like this now and then.

OR is slightly LAGgy, the guy in between us is a 50/8 fish who I don’t know how he managed to hang on to his chips for 49 hands.

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