Session 7

by PokerAnon ~ July 10th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

Still keeping it up

This is against a 70/33 who stacked up a few hands earlier against the player in between us.

Turn is a bad card but I think sometimes he (or his fellow players like him) check/raise the turn with A7/K7/99/TT or 78 type of hands as well. On the other hand there are a lot of hands in his range that also just made two pair.

Here he is again later. An example of how bad he is. An undersized isoraise from me; the play that I’ve been using against players who don’t fold pre and don’t fold easily post flop either where I’m trying to iso without making the pot too big preflop.

He left the table after losing his stack to the player in between us who was the other one who he chipped up on on an early hand.

Here I’ve got QQ against a 14/6 over 193 hands, 3bet from the blinds of 8%, postflop frequency of 32% and cbet of 67%. I opt to flat. When we get to the river I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have an Ace and I hope to get a call from JJ/TT or something like that. If I’m him I bet the river for the same reason that I bet when he didn’t.

So QQ was not good to me this session. But still, with help from $25 from a couple cashes using T$ the bankroll is up to $350. I’m targeting $500 before I start to take shots at $50nl again, unlike the first session after I cashed out and tried to four table $50nl and ran out of bankroll.

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