Session 8

by PokerAnon ~ July 11th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

A 60/20 over just a few hands. I expect him to call my raise of his min-raise with a huge range, so raising bigger would have been a good idea. When he check/raises a dry flop I think I’m ahead 97% of the time against this type of player with 3% or less of the time he’s flopped a set. Probably 30% of the time he has a pocket pair and hopes that I’ve missed, 50% he’s got one pair and the rest he’s missed altogether but can’t fold. In other words, I’ve run across a lot of players like this.

Next hand is my fifth hand at this table so no reads.

His donk bet is an awkward size as usually the donks will be one or two bbs, but I’ve got an over and a gut shot so I raise, intending to fold to a reraise. The option would be to flat, keeping the pot smaller, and evaluate the turn but I was hoping to get the third player out and I do think that some of the time I have fold equity all around. This time I pair the turn and he commits his stack by donking again. I’m getting 3.3-1 pot odds but he’s only got 1/4 pot left if I flat so calling is pointless.

I suck out. His play is not awful but I probably check/raise or at least donk/raise and try to get it in on the flop. As played I did pick up enough perceived equity on the turn whereas I fold to a flop check/raise, but meh.

Here I’m against a 57/0 over 7 hands. Standard raise flop, c-bet on the smallish size because of his stack size and I missed the flop. I suspect that he decided to bluff having the king.

A 10/7 over 30 hands and I decide that I don’t want to play JJ OOP so I 3 bet. On the flop I’m WA/WB but OOP so I c-bet. If he calls I’m done. If he had AQ/TT then good for him.

Last one. Opponent is 15/4 over 171, 26% agg freq, 1.5 agg factor. The flop has some draws but a Q or set could be raising me for protection. I call since I do have a hand but when he bets the turn and it’s a card that fits his range better than mine (though not necessarily his flop raise range) I decide it’s getting too pricey to keep calling.


I wanted to add some observations for post-Black Friday at 25nl FR on PokerStars.

Volume of players seems down slightly but the mix is different. The players seem afraid of playing short tables. I see some forty tables running, maybe five or six with VPIP above 30%, and waiting lists for pretty much every table, even down to ones with VPIP of 6%!

I’ve taken to starting tables myself, or joining ones where a single player does not have $25 or $10, and playing loose passive for a few hands. This generates a high VPIP and the table fills up within minutes.

Problems with this include regs who then proceed to sit to my left to make things difficult.

On the other hand the open table also attracts fish, but sometimes they have to be caught quickly. The saying “wait for a better opportunity or situation” doesn’t apply here because often these fish will lose their stack in one or two orbits and then be gone. That means extrapolating information from stack sizes, small sample size stats, and from general observation and guessing what kind of fish they are and getting chips quickly from them, before they disappear or someone else takes their chips.

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