Sort of, kind of, back to even

by PokerAnon ~ April 13th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

I’ve reset my HEM sessions to only look at sessions since the last big downswing, and even eliminating that I’ve only finally made it back to break even. Which is something at least, I guess.

Missed writing about a few sessions. Last two were 4x$25nl, both up a bit.

There’s not a lot extraordinary happening. In an earlier session I lost a stack stacking AK from late position against one of the blinds who had AA. It was early at the table so I didn’t have much in the way of reads. At a higher buyin level or at 6 max I think this is a better shove, but I think where I’m playing, even in a late position versus blinds situation, the players aren’t getting it in with QQ/JJ/AQ often, so I need to be able to fold AK to a 4 bet/shove, unless I’ve already got reads/stats on the player. And there’s absolutely no fold equity when you call a shove.

I’m playing tight preflop, folding AQ/AJ sometimes AK against multiple interest preflop, folding to aggression more often post flop, while still trying not to get bluffed, especially by people who like to bluff rivers. But I’m also letting this let me get too passive as a couple of times I’ve flatted with AQ in position. Once I got lucky and flopped a Q and let the aggressive player bet into me, but the other I just gave up on the missed flop. Against a single player not ultra tight and not opening from early I think a 3 bet folds AQ/AJ/AT/KQ/TT and gives me the upper hand on a dry flop. I also let a flopped set get outdrawn by a four flush OOP which was a bad play.

But the last two sessions, which were up, were pretty tame. Only 4 tables and mostly value betting loose calling stations.

There’s a degree to which I’m outhinking myself against many of these players. There definitely are some that are decent, some that are aggressive and will be betting/raising their draws or opening wide from late position, but that really represents only one or two players per table. And some of these are like me, on the edge of being trapped by this aggression and not being able to fold when they meet resistance and trying to meet the resistance with more aggression.

I deal with this better in tournaments, where I look at my stack size relative to the blinds and determine whether I can wait for a better situation. Because it’s cash, there’s always chips for a better situation, but because it’s cash I also don’t worry about my stack size or blinds.

I”m also using up the T$ now, playing two $3.40 SnGs when I have time, usually one 18 and one 27. The play is pretty bad, not much better than I recall the $1 ones being so I think it’ll make a decent means of turning the T$ into cash.

The other thing that I did is get new tables ready to go, and leave tables where, for reasons that I couldn’t identify, I was losing money and there was no fish to chase. I made the money back on the new tables, and stayed at one where I saw a fish and eventually got chips from him.

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