Still not pulling out of it

by PokerAnon ~ March 26th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR.

Did two small sessions, one of 3 tables before dinner and one of 4 after. Down 1/2 a buyin in the first, up 0.50 in the second.

  • Paid off a loose (VPIP 65) player who limp/called QJo, called down a T9 flop until his 8 hit on the river. I paid off his 1/3 pot river bet
  • Got paid off by calling from the button with AQ against a 40/20 LAG whom I’d seen 3 barrel bluff a passive player before. He 3 barreled into me on a Axx flop with his QT that he’d open raised UTG with.
  • In reversal I paid off a 1/2 stack who called behind me with AQ with my AJ on a AKx board.
  • Got paid by 1/2 stacks who 1) limped AK behind, thought his hand was good on a 55x board when I limped behind with 56s, and 2) one who paired the 9 on a 944 board and wouldn’t believe that I, in the BB, had a 4.
  • Also got paid by a river bluffer, whom I’d seen suddenly bet pot on the river against someone else. I had AA, bet flop and turn on a 86524 or some such board, he called down and suddenly bet pot on the river with his missed A9. That’s a much tougher call if I was playing more tables as I wouldn’t have seen him pull that stunt before.

I should look at the hand histories as there were more losses, but a lot probably came from missed boards that were called. Plus not getting anything post flop when my QQ flops a set, or my 99 flops quads.

I have no plan at the moment. I can keep at this with fewer tables, try to go back to 6, drop back to 10nl, or play SnGs for a while. Or just take a break, as we’re going out of town for the weekend.

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