by PokerAnon ~ March 29th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 4 or less tables of FR, $ 50nl FR.

Just wanted to muck around last night. Found one $50nl table that looked promising but I trapped myself first hand not raising AT after the button limped and the SB completed. Flop came Ace high and I check/called, turn is a 5 and check/called, river is a brick and I check/called, losing to his 55 that turned a set. Someday I need to look at my 3 bet/raise options and see the ones that I called and compare the winnings to the losings. I feel like I trap myself too often. I think I’m better in the situations where I raised preflop but give up the initiative to the other player postflop, either because 1) he raises or 2) because I’m trying to induce bets/later calls or 3) I’m trying to keep the pot small (raise QQ from the SB, limper calls, I check/snap-call an Ace high flop, turn/river go check/check and limper had A5s which actually hit two pair on the river and he still didn’t bet again).

Also had two players on two different tables 3 betting me a lot. On the $50 table I never got a situation that I was comfortable with either flatting or 4 betting. On the $25 table I opted to 4 bet the 80 bb stack and he flats in position. I bet $7 into a $12 pot making the pot $19 but he only has $14 left in his stack. Pretty absurd situation, regardless of the pocket cards or the flop. It turned out that he had AQo, the flop was Q76 or something like that, and I had 97s or something like that for middle pair and some backdoor draws. I ended up hitting a second pair which annoyed him, but why he’s flatting AQo to a 4 bet I dunno either.


But the previous session completed my small redeposit bonus for $25 that had been limited by my limit on the Echeck first transaction. So I got that bonus while making $138 or something ridiculous like that at the cash tables. I’m running good, but at the same time it’s just the way things are; I make money playing poker. I just can’t always get myself to do so. And then the session last night finished SilverStar for me for the first time this year.

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