by PokerAnon ~ July 1st, 2012. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Had a second down session. It started off really bad, then I thought that I pulled out of it after going some 1,500 hands for the session. But I ended up down $43 or so obviously not quite back to even.


Then another session today, up $49 in just under 500 hands, and that in spite of this brain fart. I misread the board, I think I saw a 6 instead of a 9 so I thought that I barely had an overpair, so I was willing to flat behind a decent player and see what happened, when an idiot player check-raised. Because I thought I had the overpair I put him on a flush draw or top pair with an Ace or something, so I shoved ….

So without that screwup I would have been close to 3 buyins up over 500 hands.

To throw in one more hand, this is the reason that I steal wide, especially from the button. At $25nl few players play back or defend their blinds well. Most snap fold, and others 3bet too wide and then don’t have a plan if you call.

78o is not too wide for a button steal; it has playability even though PokerStove ranks it at about 55% or slightly under the middle of the entire hand range, and I flop nice and turn better against someone that I suspect doesn’t have a hand but has decided to play back against me (steal of 50% on this table). But I’m surprised at his river bet and snap fold after, I guess, deciding that he was going to bluff the flush. I don’t raise his turn donk because I’m afraid of losing him if he is bluffing.

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