by PokerAnon ~ May 21st, 2010. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR, $100nl FR.

This guy has been sucking out on people and betting them off all night. He’s got stats of 58/17, with a 3 bet % of 18 and aggression of 7.8, so I figure KQ is good enough to 4 bet him. I get it in good, but …

He’s another one of those people that min donk the flop with anything, partly to test your reaction, partly as a blocking bet, partly as an attempt to take the pot down. He’ll also call if you raise, then keep betting if he thinks he can push you off, or if he hits something.


I’d been trying playing 3-5 tables of 25nl and one of 100nl to see if I can get the 100nl into the same groove as 25nl, but I don’t know that it works so far? Instead I don’t adjust my game at 100nl the way that I think that I should for the quality of the competition and at the same time I think then I play overly aggressive at the 25nl tables. I may or may not give it another go. I’m sensing a mental block with $100nl right now. Because there’s such a clear cut delineation between the regs and fish I’m only sitting at tables where I can find indications of fish (making table finding difficult) and finding myself almost going out of my way to avoid playing hands against the regs.

Mostly I should play whatever I enjoy most, but with my EV graph backing up my luck quotient as of late I dunno what I would enjoy.

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