by PokerAnon ~ May 24th, 2010. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR, $100nl FR.

Haven’t played a lot lately but still hanging on with the 3-5 tables of $25nl combined with 1 table of $100nl. It certainly makes finding a table at $100nl much easier as now I’m only looking for one likely table. Sometimes just finding one is not all that easy. With the $25nl tables I don’t practice much table selection; I just look for 6 or so with the most players seeing the flop and get on the wait lists.

Still running below EV in both levels, but both have now managed to get pretty much even again. EV for $100nl is + $118 or something. The idea of playing until my $100 or $200 stake is lost seems to be a long ongoing process.


At some point I hope to get back to winning again, though because of the project nature of what I’m doing and the adjustments that I’m trying to make with my game right now just hanging even is okay.


But what I’ve had fun with the past day or so is working on a video.

For the past while I’ve noodled around with taking some of my real beginner poker posts and adding a few more to fill in some missed topics, then structuring it all to make a complete “book” for a beginner, including rules of the game as well as basic starting hands, odds, and strategy. Then I had the idea of demonstrating what starting hands to play by recording a video which is what I did. After that I had to work out how the video should be embedded in a web page. As always the process as a whole is an interesting learning experience.

Hoping to finally have the “pokerbook” completed and available soon.

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