by PokerAnon ~ September 2nd, 2010. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

9 tables of $25nl FR. Still trying to convince myself to grind cash tables instead of playing Rush poker.

This isn’t the best situation; 88, J62 two tone flop, called by two players behind and one in the blind.

But I opt to c-bet. Blind has checked, I don’t have many hands on any players because I haven’t played $25nl FR for a while but they’re 12/4/0.8 and 12/3/3.0 so it’s more likely that they have small pairs or possibly big overcards than anything so I c-bet and get everyone to fold except the 12/3/3.0 with a postflop bet frequency of 43 who flats.

The turn brings another draw but also makes it more unlikely that he has a Jack so I think firing another bullet and folding to a raise or folding the river if called is the best play against a diamond flush draw in the hands of a tight player or more likely an underpair.

The other option is to check/call the turn but if a A/K/Q diamond/heart comes on the river I think I have to fold to a river bet, being OOP and having not bet out on the turn. I think betting out on the turn to get small pairs that can pressure me since they have position and some flush draws and overcards to fold puts me in an easier situation.

Here I don’t get this guy. He’s 19/14 but a steal percentage of 50 so I opt to 3 bet. With someone with a steal percentage like that, he should know how to fold to 3 bets, but he flats. I bet to continue to represent my Ace and he flats again.

When the 3 flush on the turn comes it’s a good chance to slow down and not make the pot too big if he’s not folding. But when he checks the river I don’t think he has either an Ace or the flush so I bet, somewhat on the smallish side, trying to rep a bet for value with AK. He tanked for a long time and typed some stuff in the chat box which I ignored (which is easy to do when you have 9 tables on one monitor).

In hindsight maybe he has a medium pair that he thinks setmining preflop is a good idea, and then always calls any flop bet, or, maybe KQ or something, both of which are generally bad hands to flat a 3 bet OOP. AQ/AT are also bad hands to flat a 3 bet, but I think they probably call my river bet.

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