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by PokerAnon ~ January 11th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

This is more to note some stats more than anything.

Including December and one session just now, 5 sessions of $25nl FR, 1,362 hands.

  • 53.50 bb/100
  • 17.2/12.0
  • CO UO PFR: 35.2
  • But OU PFR: 61.0
  • SB OU PFR: 42.9
  • Steal %: 45.1
  • c-bet %: 83.3
  • c-bet success: 60.0

After a while it gets embarrassing. I raise, they fold. Or I c-bet, they fold. Or I call in position, dry flop, they c-bet, I float and bet the turn, they fold. In spite of my aggression and all their folding, my W$SD is 60.5.

And then there’s the guys who don’t fold.

Check out this drooler. One of the first hands against him.

I made a note, then watched his stats. Eventually over 35 hands he was 91/9, with a fold to c-bet of 22%. I did see him win one hand, where he open limp/called from early with KK, then an Ace came on the flop and he won a $3 pot or something.

Later, I have this hand, blind on blind against him. I flat his oversized flop bet because he’ll pay me off if I hit. In fact, he paid me off when I hit what I didn’t expect. I probably should have raised the turn to build the pot.

Check out what he was betting with and what he called my river raise with. Not even top pair on the flop.

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