by PokerAnon ~ June 5th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Last night I decided there isn’t enough of a difference between 10nl and 25nl for me with the amount and variety of experience that I have with these two levels. I shouldn’t have such a wide gap in terms of how many tables I play at each level. At 10nl I’ve been playing 12+, so last night I fired up 10 tables of 25nl which eventually petered down to 8 after two broke up and I didn’t want to continue much longer so there was no point adding new tables.

As is the case with 10nl there were a couple of marginal situations where I should have read/thought more:

  • Called behind a TAG with KQs, called the bet at a low flop wanting to see what happens on the turn. Turn was low but gave me a flush draw so I called again with the flush draw and two overs for 15 possible outs. River was also low but no flush and he checks. I fire at the river thinking this board should be scary to him but he calls, with his TT overpair. Two problems with my river bet. 1) at this level a low/mid board is probably less scary to players with overcards since they probably assume I’m on big cards, and 2) he’s TAG and fired twice, indicating that he probably doesn’t have unpaired overcards. Rather than fire river I should thought ahead and raised the turn. I was in position with decent pot equity, and if the river bricks I will have no pot equity at all on the river. He’ll probably check the river and then I don’t have to bet, and even if I stupidly decide to bet river, at least I’ll have more fold equity having raised the turn. What did I say once about being able to raise draws instead of passively calling down?
  • Raised KK preflop, one caller. Flop is not great; QT6 with a flush draw or something. Opponent seems passive (though not a lot of hands for history). I bet flop, turn is a 7 or something else nasty, I bet again and he calls. River is also not too nice and I bet smallish because I have no idea what he might have. He calls, having paired something on the flop. I was afraid to stick him in on the river because the board was so dangerous, but, I should have checked his showdown stats. In addition to his passivity postflop, he also had a showdown rate of 50% or something so I should have been less afraid of keeping the pressure on.

I also hit a milestone, unexpectedly. At one of the tables I was in late position and looking to my left in advance to see how loose the players in the blinds might be. I was so surprised to see that it said that I had 1k hands on one player that I thought that something must be wrong so I folded the somewhat marginal stealing hand. I wanted to check his stats after the hand because when a new player sits down the HUD will sometimes be showing the wrong stats for a hand, but it was right; I had over 1,000 hands on this player. The other reason that it was surprising to me is because I had no notes on him and didn’t recognise his name at all. Apparently I’ve played all these hands against him but he’s been so inconspicuous that I haven’t noticed him at all.

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