by PokerAnon ~ June 9th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

This is why I can’t get 25nl to a positive bb/100.


Very card dead playing 6x25nl, didn’t catch flops, only won when I double barrelled. Was careful with aggression after the previous session. Raised AK from mid, got re-raised by a 43/30 short stack so I put him in, and his 88 wins.

Finally I get a hand, but it’s on the button. No one wants to play, so I dutifully raise, hoping someone might play. BB calls. Flop comes Q high with a flush draw, so I dutifully bet. He checkraises, getting me excited. I look at it, tell myself if I only call now and the flush comes, I have to be able to give it up. Not that players at this level check-raise their flush draws often.

Turn is safe, he bets, so I raise, he shoves. I’m behind a set, but I’m hoping he has a Q, until the river hits.

Sigh. It should be so easy to make money from idiots playing 40/0 who check-raise their Q9 and are happy to get it in on a Q high board.

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