by PokerAnon ~ October 15th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

464 hands of 8 x 25nl. Didn’t really feel like playing, but the television was being used so I couldn’t finish my WII Fit session.


EV was flat, only winning at 7.7 bb/100 as a result. And more nittiness; 10.5/7.0, and my preflop positional awareness is extreme to the point of being awful; 16.29! This is partially coming out of my swing to the direction of folding AQ and down from early; my early position UO PFR was 0.9, which makes any raises from other positions cause a huge preflop positional awareness bloating. Mind you, if I’m not getting cards in general, then early position is going to be affected most directly as I’m less likely to open up my early position play when cards aren’t coming. Or looking at it conversely, when cards aren’t coming I’m more likely to open up from later position rather than from early.

And I really need to work on my HUD. I’ve been using what I call a narrow configuration, but it takes up too much screen space. I need to figure out a configuration without abbreviations so that I can make the display much smaller.

No special hands that I can recall, and I don’t have access to my hand histories at the moment. A few marginal calls and folds. No big lost pots, no great folds protecting against big lost pots, just two big pots from bad players which what kept me up for the session. I wonder if this is the purpose of playing 25nl; don’t spew, while trying to win occasional big pots from bad players?

AK I raise, called by a loose bad player with 60 bbs. Flop is AJx or something, no flush draws. I look at his stats and stack size and decide I’m going to try to get it all in. Bet flop, he calls, I bet turn using my BetPot defaults which leaves him with $1.40 and the pot is like $18 already. I bet river and he folds, saving his $1.40? I get his last chips next hand when I get KK and he shoves his AT. That was the only KK, and no AA in 464 hands.

The other bad player I noticed shoving his 15 bb stack earlier. I raise AKs, I note bad player’s stats are 70/40 or something in that range, he flats, BB calls, flop is 8 high but gives me a flush draw. BB checks, I check intending to check-raise but bad player shoves his stack, BB folds so I call. He had 89 or something; top pair and I have 15 outs x two cards yet to come and get the flush on the river and he leaves.

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