by PokerAnon ~ October 18th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

480 hands of 8, then 7 x 25nl. 12.7/8.2. On one table apparently I was running 4/1 and hadn’t noticed. šŸ™‚ Ran LAGgier on a couple of other tables where I was getting cards to even it out, I guess.

A couple of hands. First one you could say I shouldn’t stack off with TPTK. Generally no, but it depends.

Here the pot is 3 bet, meaning he’s taking a bit of a risk flatting my 3 bet when he’ll be OOP. Second, he’s short, so my objective is to get him in and if I’m paying of KQ, then so be it.

In retrospect, I didn’t have to force him in on the turn, and maybe saved a couple of bucks.

Next hand it was a tough decision. This had been a pretty tight and aggressive table and I wasn’t up or down much. Normally I fold almost everything to a 3 bet, but big suited Aces are probably the only thing I flat, when I will have position.

In this case the player was entirely new but I treated him like the rest of the table had played; tight and aggressive. Flop isn’t great but I opt to flat in case he’s betting out with KK. Turn gives me two pair but the board is even nastier. The Ace of the suit is gone, but it’s possible that he as the King of the suit. Mind you, the Queen and Jack are gone as well as the Ace so all I’m really worried about is the King as I don’t expect a pair of tens to play this way. I tanked, and shoved. He snap folds. At first I thought that maybe my tanking made him think I was slowrolling him so I said in the chat box, “Two pair, but ugly board”.

After this hand though this guy proved to be very LAG so I think my play is good and I’m well ahead, but it’s a tough decision with no reads at all.


It’s interesting. This is my upteenth run at 25nl, but I’ve never played 8 tables comfortably in previous attempts. I think being a nit from early position makes multitabling easier, and the play easier too. After 3,200 hands I’m running 700 bbs plus, my EV is running 525 plus so I’m some 175 bbs above EV.

Overall my bb/100 is still unreasonable at 21.66 bb/100, but if I take just the 175 bbs I’m over my EV I’m still running at 5.2 bb/100 or so which is not bad. And I still have the feeling that my nitty style makes me fold a lot of situations rather than risk more monies so my EV should run positive? If I run the graph for all hands played this year at cash tables I’m up 4,096 bb over 67,373 hands while my EV is up somewhere around 3,750 bbs or so. And if I run all hands (a lot are missing from the early days, plus a bunch from other sites) my EV is positive 5,863 bbs over 100,688 hands, so I still think that my style keeps me out of situations where the EV can run negative?

This period I’m running 3.5 PFR unopened from early, 12.5 from mid, 17.1 from the cutoff, 32.8 from the button and 46.6 from the small blind, with an overall positional awareness of 9.38. That’s way out of the optimal range as given by HEM, but it feels good when mulittabling at 25nl.

  • VPIP is 4.3 / 10.6 / 16.0 / 23.3 / 23.3 / 5.6,
  • PFR 3.3 / 8.7 / 12.2 /16.2 / 12.6 / 1.0,
  • bb/100 1.68 / 55.36 / 0.05(!) / 113.32 (!) / -14.29 / -26.59

and steal percentage of 28.7, aggression percentage of 2.39, aggression frequency of 28.8, flop c-bet of 87.6 with a success rate of 59.0.

I note all this ’cause maybe these are ideal stats for 25nlFR?

On one hand I should move back to $50nl, but on the other I’m interested to see how long I can run this good at $25nl.

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