by PokerAnon ~ October 25th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

First big down session. 587 hands of 25nl, anywhere from 9 to 5 tables, running 13.6/9.8, minus EV of $26 and net of minus $27. W$SD of 41.7. The net result would have been worse if not for a loose player paying me off on a AA6 two tone flop with his A2 against my PFR with AQ near the end of the session.

Basically lots of small loss hands, posted below in the replayer for later review. Sorted in order of loss size.

One last hand, next to last hand before I left the last table. PFR comes from a tight player, 3 bet from a loose somewhat aggressive player, 4 bet from the blinds from a tight player who got disconnected for a moment, which may be part of the reason why the 3 bettor shoved.

What was interesting was that the UTG raiser said that he folded KK, and I replied that I would have folded KK in his situation as well. He asked why, and I said, raise from early position, 3 bet, 4 bet by tight player. He replied okay, and I asked why he folded. He said for the same reasons, but he wanted to know what kind of a player I was.

In a sense there’s no reason to give away this kind of information, but I don’t play enough that I’m overly likely to run across these players often and I’m a sucker for hand analysis :). Afterwards I thought that I should have added, 3 bbs is cheap to find out that your KK is in trouble.


So, following my first big down session, now the challenge will be to work my way back again. In a way I’ve been waiting for this, expecting it would come but also wondering if it might not happen.

Some psychological notes on this session;

  • I felt too loose right at the beginning. Ordinarily I intentionally play tighter first orbit or two at a table while I get reads/stats. I tightened up but quickly lost a few bbs early on.
  • At some early point I felt that I was down, and also felt that this was likely to be a down session. I remember thinking that it’s too bad as this was a situation where I had lots of time and was hoping to play a longer session. That’s why it ended up being more hands than usual; because of free time, and not because I was trying to get back to even. If I had been running decently the session would have been even longer but I nudged myself toward cutting it shortish.

So I was off my “A” game, knew it, but because of the chance to play I played anyways. I don’t know if I was down to a “C” game, but I don’t know if I should criticize myself for playing or congratulate myself for acknowledging my poor game and staunching the bleeding somewhat.

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