by PokerAnon ~ October 31st, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

A 429 hand session today, after a short 4 tabling session yesterday. I didn’t check yesterday’s stats before but 14/12 and 14 bb/100 over 172 hands, and 12/9 winning 17.8 bb/100 today.

I’m surprised by the win rate in both days. In both cases I thought I might even be running slightly negative but apparently not.  Today I bet/folded AK on a 484 flop after 3 betting from the blinds and lost an all in against a short stack with AK when he had QQ and those were my only losses greater than 5 bbs. Also folded AK when I raised an UTG half stack limper and another caller and the very tight UTG 3 bet me; he showed his KK.

But I made some chips when I iso-raised a loose/passive with QK and hit top pair on a two tone flop, made trips on the turn, and he folded the river. And opened KJo from the cutoff, blind calls, flop comes KK4 two tone and he also pays me two streets before folding the river. I was a little concerned about betting the river as I had filled a boat and thought I might be just paying the rake if he had the last K but he folded, maybe having chased the flush as well.

Here’s a hand very early on where I lost some value on the river.

I have the third nut flush, but I got scared on the river and didn’t bet. I would have called pretty much any bet but for some reason I just chickened out. He probably would have called most any bet as well. I have no idea what the guy who folded to my check-raise on the turn might have had; two pair or a set maybe? More likely drawing for a different straight.


So since starting my (still short) restart of grinding mulit-tables I’ve run

  • 24.47 bb/100 over 2,131 hands in 6 sessions at 10nl, and
  • 18.26 bb/100 over 5,353 hands in14 sessions at 25nl.

In theory this was just supposed to be a warmup to get back at 50nl or at least the mix of 50, 25, and 10 that I was playing before the summer. But then it turned into a wait to see if I would ever hit a down session at 25nl, and then to see how I got back into it after a down session, but I’m still not overly anxious to move.

But I think that I’m enjoying the game as it is. I miss good poker, and I’m listening/watching to poker videos sometimes while doing other things. But right now 8x25nl is feeling really comfortable. I think I’ll probably wait until I feel a little more ambition.

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