On Sundays, I’m calling

by PokerAnon ~ March 15th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

later, 2nd session of 6x$25

  • Felt much more comfortable, though my VP$IP was down to 9, PFR 6 <- -I was playing like a nit and it didn’t even feel like it! Basically it was a lack of cards/situations. Always seemed to get too many limpers ahead or raises instead of limps. Was surprised to get 3bet against late/SB steals a few times
  • Made some calls versus aggression:
    • AJ raised w/LAG in SB and another, A high flop, bet, LAG calls, K, he donks 1/2 pot, river he donks 2/3 pot. Based on his stats (50/30) I call, his A7 and take almost his stack.
    • QK in SB, I raise a late position limper. Q high flop, bet, raised, call, ch/bet/cl, ch/bet/cl, he has QK
    • In BB w/A3, A high flop w/FD, I bet, get minraised, call, bet turn, minraised, call, river check, bet, call missed flush draw
    • 60BB stack to my right I had beat on him a couple times before for limping. He limps, I raise 88. Flop is 996FD, ch/bet/cl. Turn is 7 filling 3 flush but I have straight flush draw. He bets, I shove, he calls his A7 and my 88 wins.
  • Basically a lot of this calling is me trying to keep the pot sizes down. Today at least the players seemed to care less about pot size and more about aggression. Or maybe it’s not aggression in general, but rather people overvaluing marginal hands, like the A7 or the KQ.
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