by PokerAnon ~ March 24th, 2010. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

These things happen, I guess.

Tried to play 8 tables of $25nl FR on Stars, but had a heck of a hard time finding decent tables. Usually when my intention is to play 8, I get on the waiting list for 10 or 11 tables and open then to watch the action, but this time I had a hard time finding just 8 worth opening.

Then as I gradually found seats at these tables I realized that some were not great situations. A couple of tables with aggressive players either to my left or right. The ones to my left 3 bet me and appeared to float me, the ones with players to my right seemed to flat my 3 bets putting pressure on me with my less-than premium hands, and fought back against my float attempts.

It was one of those days where you’re left wondering, how on earth do you ever make money playing poker? I probably would have dropped 2-3 buy ins over 300 hands or so, if not for one early hand where I had Qxs in the BB in a mulitway limped pot, flop is KQx giving me the second nut flush draw and second pair, I lead, get raised, decide to reraise, he shoves, I call thinking that I’m behind a King or maybe KQ or bottom set but with outs. He had 87s of the flush draw so he was really dominated.

But sessions like these lead me to feel like it’s impossible to win. I raise TT, flop comes K high, I c-bet, get called, check the turn, river is a Q and he bets pot into me. I could be ahead, he could be bluffing, I don’t know. Against a fairly aggressive player I should mostly call, but it’s not an instantaneous decision for me right now. These kind of hands happened all session.

One suggestion; I probably shouldn’t target 8 tables just yet. After playing Rush Poker almost exclusively for the past two months on the days that I had opportunities for poker, multi-tabling regular tables is something that I need to give a bit more time to adjust to. Maybe just 3 -6 for the next little while.


Just to note that this sub-blog seems to have reached it’s first anniversary. There were a few months where this stuff got posted back at WordPress instead of here, but it’s been pretty consistent.

As usual, I’ve wound up not much farther ahead of where I started; I began this in the middle of a process of re-learning full stack-full ring multi-tabling after a bout of short stacking. I went from $10nl to $25 to mixing $10/$25/$50 about a year ago. Now here I am re-starting $25nl again after another derailment, this time to Rush Poker.

The bankroll keeps going up over time. It’s probably twice what it was a year ago, but the playing level doesn’t move up until I grind, develop a groove, move up/increase the number of tables, followed by the inevitable change of game/gears and then the re-start. That seems to be the recurring pattern for my poker life.

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