by PokerAnon ~ April 2nd, 2010. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Who 3 bets 44 from the blinds, and then flats a 4 bet? I 4 bet light because I expect him to fold everything except AA/KK, which I expect him to shove. If he flats I expect mostly AK or some other big Ace hand that he can’t release, or QQ/JJ. On the flop AA/QQ are now less likely and I have everything else beat.

Oh well, got some of it back the next hand,

and, as I’m doing recently for my own curiosity, I looked him up on PTR. Lost $5,700 in the last 6 months, though for some reason he’s played 61,000 hands at 0.50/1.00 and 67,000 at 0.10/0.25, and most of the dollar losses are at the $100 tables. Maybe he started off at the $100 tables and realized he was losing too much.

For the session I end up down 0.85, 17.2/12.2, PfPA of 8.5 playing 6 tables.

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